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A creative Developer

My Services

Website Design

I specialize in designing websites for small businesses and startups. I focus on both function and design.

Cloud Software

I build web-based software that is custom and accessible from any device and location.

Content Management

Your website’s content should be updated regularly to ensure you keep your visitors engaged.

Website Hosting

My company, Dobson Digital, provides secure, reliable hosting with a personal touch.


Website Recovery

Has your website been hacked or are you getting errors after a software update? I can help!


Website Security

Your website is your brand’s gateway to the world. I protect your brand from cyber threats.

About Me

I’m Eric Hazelwood, the founder of Dobson Digital, LLC. I have 15+ years experience in web development and system administration. I have thrived in this industry because I continue to learn new technologies, learn new methods, and progress with the industry.

I have spent my entire adult life as a problem-solver. From serving in the Unites States Marine Corps to developing custom cloud-based software, I attack every issue with the same mindset instilled in me by the Marine Corps: improvise, adapt, and overcome.

I believe in setting honest expectations while understanding that my client’s needs and wants are likely to change throughout a project.

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